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How to play fantasy cricket?

The first step to learning to play fantasy cricket is knowing the game's basics. It is the same across all fantasy cricket platforms, with the points system being the slight differentiator.

  • The popularity of fantasy cricket over the last few years has made the rules and the player compositions a household knowledge across many countries. Below are the steps to initiate the process of playing fantasy cricket.
  • First, you must download an app on your smartphone and install the application.
  • Usually, fantasy sports have a separate section on any app, and you can go to that section to see the available matches on which you can make your fantasy team.
  • Once you make the team, you can pick the contest you want to play in. You can take part in multiple contests at a time. Generally, every contest has a different entry fee based on which the winnings (real cash) differ.
  • The aim is to score the highest among all the fantasy players competing in the contest. The player scoring the highest will win the most, while the amount will keep reducing from there on.

Rules to pick players in your fantasy cricket team

However, playing fantasy cricket is more complex than it seems. There are rules while picking your fantasy team, and you are allotted a certain budget to do the same. Below, we reiterate the player-picking rules for your fantasy team.

  • Your team must be a combined eleven players from the two teams involved in the match. However, you can have a maximum of 7 players from a single team.
  • Your fantasy team can have various compositions. You can pick a minimum of one wicketkeeper and a maximum of four glovesmen for your fantasy cricket team.
  • While picking batsmen, you must pick a minimum of three and a maximum of six batters.
  • The limit for picking all-rounders is the same as the wicket-keepers. You must have at least one all-rounder, while the maximum is 4 players.
  • The limit for your bowler picks the same as the batters. A minimum of three and a maximum of six.
  • You must pick a captain and vice-captain.
  • You can have as many teams as you want of the same or varying combinations and compete in different leagues.

You will need more than knowing the rules of fantasy cricket alone in acing the game, though. Many factors go into picking the combined eleven for your fantasy cricket team, which will help you score more points than your opponents in the league. To know them, check out our fantasy cricket tips and tricks.

How to play fantasy cricket on Striker

Playing fantasy cricket on the Striker app is similar to most other fantasy cricket apps, with the only difference being you have to make a combined team of five players.

  • Download and Install the Striker App and go to the "Fantasy" option.
  • You will find three contests with varying prizes: Pro Contests, Grand Contests, League Contests and Head-to-Head.
  • There are contests for all five rarity cards with player-type requirements changing. For example, the player requirements for a Rare Pro Contest will be 2-4 Common player cards and 1-3 Rare player Cards. A Rare Head to head will require three Common Player Cards and two Rare Cards to participate.
  • There must be at least one player from each team when you make the team.

Types of rarity cards on Striker App

There are five different types of rarity cards on the Striker app, and the higher the rarity level of these player cards, the more points a user will get in their fantasy team. They are:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Striker

You can get player cards on the Striker app in these four ways - through pack openings, from the marketplace, through crafting (obtaining a player card of higher rarity by combining one or lower rarity cards) and, of course, through fantasy rewards.

Once you have higher rarity cards of various players, you can sell those cards in the Striker marketplace for a higher price.

How to play Striker Predict & Win

There are two modes of playing on the Striker App - Predict and Fantasy. In Predict mode, you have to pick three players for match contests where you have to pick top batters, top bowlers and top fantasy performers.

  • Download and Install the Striker App and go the "Predict" option.
  • You will be given Rs. 150 for free and redirected to a match, where the Prizes Worth and the First Prize cash money amount is mentioned. After the first match, you can go to the "All Contests" option to pick and choose contests.
  • You have to use the money judiciously to select players who you think could perform well in that match.
  • The Striker app also allows you to increase your winnings in the Predict mode by letting you pick three more players (a maximum of 6 players) if you have cash in your account.
  • You can pick players in the Predict mode in three ways - buy, rent or use from your player cards.

How to trade/buy/ rent player Cards on the Striker app

The most important part of the Striker App is the marketplace, where you can buy, sell or rent player cards.

  • Download and Install the Striker App and go to the "Fantasy" option.
  • You will find numerous rarity cards of different players available in the marketplace. You can filter and search player cards by Rarity, Country, Name, Price Tag, Player Type and Leagues.
  • Choose the player card you want to get and click on the "Buy" option. The "current price" and the "top offer" will be shown to you, and you can adjust your bid accordingly.
  • You can also make a "collection offer" for a player card, wherein all the sellers of that particular card will be notified of your offer. Once anyone accepts it, you will acquire it.
  • Upon opening a player card, there will be a "Rent @" option for you to use that player card temporarily for one contest or so.
  • You can also put your player up for sale or rent from the options on the marketplace. Watch the video below to understand how to put your player up for rent.


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