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What are some of the fantasy cricket tips and tricks ?

Though cricket knowledge is paramount to playing fantasy cricket, that alone isn't sufficient to ace fantasy cricket contests and leagues. The immense popularity that fantasy cricket commands across people of all ages further stresses this. You must go beyond player skills and cricket expertise to play fantasy cricket.

Below are the factors that will help you to play fantasy cricket like a pro:

  • Know in detail about players' recent forms against particular opponents.
  • Get the pitch conditions of the match.
  • Keep experimenting with team combinations according to opponents and match conditions.
  • Keep more top-order batters in the fantasy cricket team
  • Keep better fielders for bonus points

Detailed knowledge of Players' statistics

This is one of the most important tips to play fantasy cricket. Ardent cricket followers would know that every batter and bowler has certain favourite opponents against whom they perform outstandingly. For example, Sachin Tendulkar has scored most ODI and Test runs against mighty Australia, while most batters struggled against their sharp bowling attack. Regardless of his form, Virat Kohli has always thrived against Sri Lanka in all formats of the game.

Similarly, while picking the best eleven for your fantasy team, you should look for players with favourable stats against that opponent. For example, when Royal Challengers Bangalore are facing Delhi Capitals, picking Virat Kohli is wise as the former RCB skipper has scored the most runs (925) against Delhi in the Indian Premier League. Similarly, choosing Rohit Sharma as your fantasy team captain when Mumbai Indians are facing Kolkata Knight Riders is a good choice, as the MI skipper has amassed 1020 runs against KKR.

Getting Pitch conditions correct

Parameters like a player's form or a team's winning streak fall short if the pitch conditions are volatile. A prime reason why MS Dhoni has found immense success in IPL is because of his clean record at Chepauk, where the slow track that aids spinners have been the downfall of numerous strong IPL teams. Picking an in-form Jasprit Bumrah or a Lockie Ferguson would not be wise if playing in Chennai. You can bring in players like Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, Sunil Narine and more to the fore if you have to ace these matches. Hence, getting an in-depth knowledge of the pitch condition is very important.

Experimenting with team combinations

The biggest mistake you can make while playing fantasy cricket on any platform is sticking to a single team. Just because your selected team did brilliantly in the last match, there is no guarantee that it will happen again. The wise move is always to keep experimenting with batting, wicketkeeping and bowling combinations. Evaluating the opponents and match conditions - pitch conditions and weather forecast - will play in your favour. One easy way to do this is to have multiple teams across different contests.

Keep more top-order batters in your fantasy team

It is a no-brainer. A top-order batsman comes to open the innings for their respective teams, and apart from having more balls to play, they also enjoy the field restrictions of the powerplay overs. The chances of them scoring more runs is always more, hence picking your captain and vice-captain from among them is always wise. While selecting a hard-hitting finisher, like Andre Russell or MS Dhoni, is a tempting option for their swashbuckling strike rate, it can sometimes be safe.

Pick better fielders for more bonus points

There is a good reason why in-form wicketkeepers are always in demand in cricket fantasy games. Apart from the runs, their catches and stump-outs fetch bonus points to the fantasy team owners, which often result in being the differentiator in scoring more than the other fantasy team owners.

Fantasy cricket tips and tricks for Striker app

While the fantasy cricket tips and tricks to play in the Striker app is quite similar compared to other fantasy apps, the uniqueness of Striker opens up newer avenues for players to not only win big at the fantasy contests but earn money as well.

First and foremost, you should learn how to play fantasy cricket on Striker to understand the features of the Striker app. Players get replaced with player cards, and the ever-evolving marketplace on the app gives the players numerous opportunities to earn big.

Once you have mastered the rules of the Striker app, you can use the below tips and tricks to ace it:

  • Always Captain the highest rarity card
  • Craft your player cards to increase your chances
  • Don't delay crafting
  • Buy cards with higher XP from the marketplace
  • Use unwanted player Cards for surprise crafting
  • Check similar player cards' prices before trading

Captain The Highest Rarity Card: You must always the highest rarity card in your arsenal. The higher the rarity, the more points you will get. The Common Rarity card in Striker gives you one points, which increases by 1.5x in the case of a Rare card. The progression is gradual hereafter, with the Epic card multiplying your points by 2x, the Legendary Card increasing it by 2.5x and the Striker Card increasing your points exponentially by 3x.

For example, if a Common card of Virat Kohli fetches you 100 points, his Rare card will get you 150, Epic Card will help you get 200 and Legendary and Striker Cards will give you 250 and 300 points, respectively. Hence, the higher the rarity cards you have, the more your chances of acing in a league contest.

Craft to increase your chances: You can always buy or rent a card of higher rarity from the marketplace for your fantasy cricket team on Striker. However, it is always advisable to craft your cards to get a higher rarity one rather than spending money to rent or buy a player from the marketplace.

Don't Delay Crafting: If you have multiple cards of the same rarity, then it is always advisable to craft them as soon as possible. The simple reason is that a higher rarity card is always in demand at the marketplace. Hence, when you are not using a higher rarity card for your fantasy team, you can earn real cash by renting it out at the marketplace.  

Buy Cards with higher XP from Marketplace: While the marketplace will have numerous rarity cards of different XPs (Experience points) and HPs (Health Points), you must always go the player cards with higher XPs. It helps you quickly evolve it into a higher rarity card by either classic crafting or surprise crafting. You can then sell or rent the newly crafted higher rarity card at the marketplace. 

Use Your Unwanted Player Cards for Surprise Crafting: You will always have player cards that are low value, which you can neither sell or rent for a good price nor can you use it in your fantasy cricket team. In that case, you should look to get rid of them by surprise crafting. Look at the available pool of player cards and try to craft those lower-value cards to get a higher rarity card.

Check Similar Player Cards Price Before Trading: The Striker app allows you to set your price at the marketplace when you're looking to sell or rent a player card and provides you with a better trading price if any, while you're setting the price. And it is always advisable to go through every similar rarity cards’ trading prices at the marketplace before putting your card there.

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